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Connecting people who would not normally meet in meaningful, humanizing dialogue.

sculpting space for curious people to ask questions, listen, and talk to each other.

designing art-fueled, relationship-building experiences.


current projects

Blueberries + Cherries

blueberries + cherries invites politically diverse guests to break bread and talk to each other face-to-face over a home cooked meal. the goal: to understand the things that influence our votes and to find ways to bridge the vast ideological gap that plagues our country. we engage in civil discourse that is unfiltered by the lens of political punditry and by the anonymity and bias of social media. 

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looking for america

What does it mean to be American?

How do different communities—in the Midwest, at the border, in cities and in rural areas—answer that question? Across the United States, we’re inviting local artists and community members of all backgrounds and political stripes to come together to share their stories and perspectives. 

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pinklineconnects.us offers a weekly subscriber-based email containing our picks for off-the-beaten-path arts and culture events, exhibitions, and happenings around dc. we also regularly offer free and discounted tickets to things. advertisers wishing to access culturally curious washington-area residents may purchase ads and promotion through pink line social media channels.

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what people are saying


Trump Fans And Foes Break Bread At Washington Dinner Party

it’s tuesday night and philippa hughes is putting together the finishing touches on dinner. hughes is hosting a dinner party for strangers to talk politics over pasta. it’s an idea that could very easily get messy, and maybe that’s only appropriate for an idea borne from a messy presidential election.

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Belonging, Civility, Ugh: What Happens When Commonly Held Ideals Backfire

on this episode of the kojo nnamdi show, guest host marc fisher discusses better ways to think about belonging and civil discourse with two experts, and a washingtonian trying to promote discourse in a fractured political landscape.

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This Clinton fan invited Trump supporters for dinner. Healing divides isn’t so easy.

though hughes does not live far from the white house, no one in her inner circle supported the nation’s 45th president. but on this evening, hughes was hosting a dinner with six people on opposite sides of the country’s political divide.

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Philippa p.b. Hughes   founder | Social Sculptor | Creative Strategist

Philippa p.b. Hughes
founder | Social Sculptor | Creative Strategist


“Even if it’s just a dinner, or a conversation with a small group, or a huge exhibit or big party, you’re impacting lives, in small and big ways and it’s so meaningful. I truly admire your persistence at building bridges and communities.”

— Sherin Koshy


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